Four More Weeks on U.S. Soil !!

As we write this, we are filled with mixed emotions realizing that in four weeks our family will be boarding a plane headed to the Republic of South Africa!! Since Randy returned from his first trip in February, it has been an amazing, faith-building journey to watch God swing all doors wide open. The steps in this journey were so tentative at first, but have become bolder and bolder as we have become more confident of God’s leading.

The last five months have been a whirlwind!  By God’s grace we have completed the re-adoption process for Sophia and Elijah, obtained passports for all the kids, received the loving spiritual and financial support of two churches, sold one car and many other items thanks to our new friend, Craigslist.  After interviewing many prospective tenants and feeling quite discourage by the whole process, God opened the door for some good friends to become our renters!

Submitting our Visa application at the South African Consulate in Los Angeles.

Two weeks ago, our family drove up to Los Angeles to submit our visa application!!!

Our family with Heather and Donovan Drew before they left for Pretoria to be the House Managers of the Baby Home!

We were given several opportunities to share about our trip and the ministry of 1Hope.  Also, we were privileged to meet fellow 1Hope missionaries, Heather and Donovan Drew, who left for the RSA in May.

and Bertha and Malcolm Graham who faithfully served to bring the gospel to South Africa through African Enterprise.

Blessed to meet faithful servants, Malcom and Bertha!

We are filled with deep gratitude to those of you who have committed to pray for us and have generously given to support us financially.  We stand in awe of God’s goodness through you!

Many times during this process we have stopped and wondered, “What are we doing?” or “Is this just foolishness?”  One of our favorite quotes from missionary Jim Elliot helps us answer these questions: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”. Because of what Christ did for us on the cross, yes, whatever it costs to follow Him, is worth it.  We are thankful for Peter’s example as he stepped out of the boat.  We are constantly reminding ourselves to not look at the wind or the waves that threaten to swallow us up, but to fix our eyes on the One who controls the wind and the waves!

Please pray for us when you think of us.  We will be relying on your prayers in the months to come!

1 thought on “Four More Weeks on U.S. Soil !!

  1. What a blessing to read this post. Thanking God for you and for all He has done to make your pending journey possible. Keep holding their hands, Lord. I’ll be praying.

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