Ministry Updates

Mission Malawi An enormous thank you to every one who prayed for Randy as he travelled north to the country of Malawi with Living Hope Church intern pastors, Newton and Nixson.

Their route- Pretoria, South Africa to Lilongwe, Malawi (2136 km/1327 mi)

Their route- Pretoria, South Africa to Lilongwe, Malawi (2136 km/1327 mi)

As you can see from the map, they crossed over four country borders to get there.  According to Google Maps the trip should have taken 30 hours of drive time to reach their destination.  However, due to a flat tire in Mozambique and only one driver per vehicle, the trip took 4 days to finally arrive in Lilongwe, Malawi.  The purpose of the trip for Randy was to scout out projects and materials for a future short-term mission trip that Living Hope would like to pursue in order to support our brother and friend, Newton.  Newton and his wife, Vanessa, who are originally from Malawi, have a deep passion to plant a gospel-centered, gospel driven church in the heart of the capital of Malawi. There is a desperate need for “true gospel” in this part of the world as many cling to a false “prosperity gospel” and Newton made this trip up north to put on several pastor’s conferences.

Newton owns raw land in Malawi and Living Hope Church would love to support Newton and his family by helping build a home on this land.  Newton was unable to view his property before purchasing it, and Randy had the privilege of being with a very excited Newton as he stepped foot on this property for the first time.

Randy describes this northern, “deeper into Africa” journey as both eye-opening and heart-breaking as he was exposed to the enormity of poverty that many people on this continent must endure. DSC_0452

At around dusk on the third day of driving as the guys were approaching the Mozambique/Malawi border, our of faithful Opel Zafira blew a tire due to a huge pothole that ravaged the Mozambique highway.  Newton and his friend, Tim, who was the driver of the other vehicle, took the badly damaged tire on ahead in an attempt to have it repaired.  This left Randy and Nixson on the side of the road to wait.DSC_0330

 As dark settled suddenly out of the “bush” several children in their curiousity came out to greet Nixson and Randy.  Their village, which consisted of clay brick homes with thatched roofs, was about 100 meters off the road.  Randy and Nick passed the time entertaining these precious children.  Although they did not speak each other’s language, Randy had an opportunity to pray with one of the older boys before they left.


The beautiful children of Mozambique smile for Randy's camera!

The beautiful children of Mozambique smile for Randy’s camera!

Salvakop Community Update The weather in Pretoria is quickly approaching winter, which means very chilly temperatures, especially once the sun goes down.  For our friends in the small community of Salvakop where Randy helps lead a Bible Study on Wednesday night, the winter can be especially challenging as most of them live in very small tin shacks.  To help alleviate the chill, 1Hope collected and distributed blankets to our friends and their friends in Salvakop.  We extended an invitation to those who have never come to the Bible study or to a Sunday church service. DSC_0102

We are so thankful for the dozen or so friends from this community who faithfully attend both Bible Study and Sunday church service. In spite of the poverty and difficulty that these brothers and sisters face, they always greet us with an enthusiastic hug or handshake and a very loving contagious smile!

This past Sunday we were blessed to host a dinner for these lovely people in our home.  They worshipped in their heart language (Shona) and shared with us the transformation and redemption they have experienced in their lives as result of  their faith in Christ.  Thankful for a beautiful evening!

Salvakop Community Bible Study- All our friends pictured here are from the country of Zimbabwe.

Salvakop Community Bible Study- All our friends pictured here are from the country of Zimbabwe.

Awana Update

So thankful for our Awana team!!

So thankful for our Awana team!!

Randy's group of boys

Randy’s group of boys

DSC_0007Awana had its final meeting before breaking for winter holiday.  The children have diligently been memorizing God’s word, hiding it in their hearts and receiving Awana Bucks!  Thanks to the California Mission team, we were able to hold an Awana Store for the kids to shop, and spend their hard earned bucks!  We were so thankful and touched to watch most children walk away from the table having purchased a Bible.  The cost of the Bible was one Awana Buck and many children who only had the opportunity to earn one buck used it to purchase a Bible!  Praise God and may His word go forth to bring Truth that Transforms!

Awana Store!

Awana Store!

Showing off her new Bible!

Showing off her new Bible!

Baby Home Update Two new precious little ones have come to the Muphamuzi Baby Home this month.  They both have tragic stories, but we are so thankful that we are given the privilege to be part of God’s redemptive plan in their lives.  Please be in prayer for the financial needs of the Baby Home to be met so that the Muphamuzi Baby Home would never need to turn away a child in need.  The Baby Home is always in need of interns to come to South Africa and assist in caring for the little ones.  If you are interested or know of anyone who might be, please let us know.

Precious in His sight!

Precious in His sight!

Family Memories Here are a few shots we took from a recent hike in a nature reserve here in Pretoria.  T.I.A. (This is Africa)!DSC_0247


Even before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvelous grace. Then it pleased Him to reveal His Son to me so I would proclaim the Good News about Jesus.

Gal. 1:15-16

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  1. We are praying for you and all the amazing things that are happening!
    The Doan family needs to come visit you now that you will be there an additional year!!!


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