Spring time in Africa

South Africa celebrates Spring Day on September 1st, marking the coming of the spring season.  The air is warmer and just the other day we experienced the flash and crash of the first thunderstorm of the season.  The Weaver bird outside our back window is brightly colored again and back to his nest-building in hopes of luring a female. SAM_0733And in a palm tree in our front yard, Mrs. Cape Robin’s tiny speckled eggs have hatched into babies! DSC_0059

Although we miss precious loved ones back in the U.S., we are thankful to be back with our 1Hope family here and the full assurance that this is where God has ordained us to be!  We have jumped right back into ministry and our lives here in Pretoria!

There is always constant activity at the Muphamuzi Baby Home which currently has a full house!SAM_0697SAM_0706

Children at Sunnyside Primary continue to come out every Friday for Awana Games and scripture memory.  We pray that as we share the gospel with them, week after week, the Holy Spirit would draw them to the beauty and majesty of Christ!DSC_0153

Randy is back on the worship team rotation at Living Hope Church.DSC_0100

Communion Service at Living Hope Church is held every other month right after church service.  As soon as the service is dismissed, the congregation piles into cars or taxis, and makes their way to the Mack home where we share a meal, have an extended time of worship, and remember and reflect on the truth that Christ’s blood was shed, His body was broken on our behalf that we might be redeemed and restored to God Himself!   What a Savior!  Here a few photos from our most recent Communion Service this past Sunday.DSC_0109DSC_0113DSC_0117

And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst…”  John 6:35

Thank you for your prayers and support!  Please continue to pray for us and especially:

  • For Randy as his role with 1Hope as it is further defined and refined for our second year here.
  • Susan and our home school which now includes all five children
  • That all the ministries we and 1Hope are involved in would continue to bear fruit and further the gospel according to God’s perfect plan

1 thought on “Spring time in Africa

  1. Hi Susan. Thanks for the update and all the pictures! So precious. I am praying for you, your family and the work that 1Hope is involved in for God’s kingdom. Thank you for not only “Showing up” but working so diligently for our Lord with His strength!

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