Urgent Prayer Request – Naugle Family

Dear Body of Christ we are asking you to pray on behalf of the Naugle family.

Yesterday we received an email from Glynn Smith, a South African who currently lives in Southern California with “Urgent Need for help in Johannesburg” in the subject line.  The email went on to tell us about the Naugle family who are from York, PA.

Carol and Paul Naugle (who attend LW) traveled to Uganda to adopt twins who are one-year old. Their two sons, Cooper and Parker, ages 10 and 13, went with them to celebrate the adoption..  Cooper developed a severe infection that caused uremic syndrome (can lead to kidney failure). He was Medivac’d from Uganda to Johannesburg, South Africa this past weekend. The family is with him in Johannesburg where Cooper was admitted to Pediatric ICU with bilateral pneumonia. He was taken to surgery for insertion of a chest tube and also received a blood transfusion. Cooper had to then be intubated and go on kidney dialysis. He was moved to another facility, Morningstar Hospital within the city proper in Johannesburg, that specializes in renal care, where he remains in ICU.

We were able to get a contact number for Paul and phoned him last night to let him know that we are here, and that Randy and others will be paying him a visit the following day.

Our good friends and co-workers, Dan and Debbie Willoughby, just so happen to have friends, Jean and Katie, from their church in Pennsylvania visiting and when Jean heard the Naugle’s story she wanted to go with Randy to visit.

Cooper’s condition continues to be quite serious and one of the priorities and needs the Naugles have was to fly their older son back home.  Jean and Katie are leaving to return to Lancaster, PA, tomorrow and with a little legwork today, a ticket has been secured on the same flight for Parker.  Lancaster is only about half an hour from York. By God’s mighty, sovereign, gracious, loving hand a way has been provided for Parker to get home!!

The Naugles have been encouraged by the prayers of the dear body of Christ and ask that you would continue to be on your knees for them.  Cooper’s condition is stable, but still extremely serious.  He is on a breathing tube, on daily dialysis , and sedated.  Parents, Paul and Carol are taking life one day at a time.  Please pray for the entire family including the one-year old twins they had to leave behind in Uganda.

Thank you.

1 thought on “Urgent Prayer Request – Naugle Family

  1. Thank you for the update we have been praying for them. Our Awana group prayed last night and our Bible study group will hold them in prayer tonight! Every time I think of them I pray.What a blessing that Parker could get on a flight with Jean and Katie.
    Much love and prayers,

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